The Build has begun!

This past week has seen massive strides for The Space Whale crew. After several delays in shipping we finally acquired all necessary parts for our CNC lathe and were able to start production of the steel spheres for the whale's super structure. 

The lathe is able to fabricate a single steel ball every five minutes, and in only a few hours was able to produce enough material for the whale's fluke. Each sphere corresponds with a single point in the CAD model of The Space Whale, and is positioned using a system of lasers and a giant grid painted on the floor of the warehouse.

Between each sphere, steel rods are welded to form the triangles that make up the whale's form. Once the structure of the whale is completed, each outer triangle will hold one of the beautiful stained glass panels that skin the sculpture.

With over 3,000 triangles to weld for The Space Whale's structure by summer, the initial process seemed fairly slow and tedious. But after a few days of experimenting and honing in our method, the fluke is taking shape and we are falling in love with our sculpture!

Amidst the metal working there's been been a constant flurry of planning and purchasing that's kept us ever on our toes and in need of continued fundraising. Many of you, our friends and followers, have donated to the project this month and all this progress is in thanks to our amazing community!

Thanks for reading and supporting our dream!

-The Pier Group


Want a closer look?

Now that the build is underway we are welcoming volunteers to join in at The Generator in Sparks, NV. Whether you are a welder, photographer, cook or any other kind of creator- email us at to learn more about volunteering with The Pier Group!