The Space Whale is more than just a Sculpture. It is, for us, part of a greater goal, one in which humanity and nature act in balance with one another. The Space Whale is meant to inspire a bright future founded upon this balance, a deep understanding of science and a renewed push to send mankind to the stars.

We as a species sit at a precipice in time. A vast ecological collapse is happening all around us and it is our own doing. Global Warming and Climate Change threaten not just our day to day life, but every single species on our planet. In concurrence, humankind continues to unlock the nature of time and matter, pushing our knowledge and lifespans past all preconceived limits. Our world is dying while we thrive in a tenuous balance that will inevitably collapse if we do nothing. It is time to act, and act fast. As artists it is an ongoing challenge to understand what we can do to instigate progress. It seems that the solutions to climate change have always been in the province of scientists, inventors and government figures.

Watching Embrace burn at Burning Man in 2014, we couldn’t help but feeling like we could become part of the problem, as opposed to the solution. Black clouds billowed off our art, releasing carbon into an ever warming environment while we all smiled at the great thing we had done. Embrace struck a chord in people, it reverberated deep within and for the following year we heard from people around the world expressing how Embrace had inspired them to love, to reach out and to care. Others proclaimed us to be hypocrites damaging the environment we all wanted to save, and they were right as well. Out of our successes and failures the questions remained: What can artists do to avert to climate change? How do we encourage great minds to study science? How do we inspire inventors and innovators to focus on renewable energy and carbon sequestration? How do we drive politicians to pass real climate laws ensuring that green tech has the funding and resources needed to succeed?

What artists do…. we inspire, create and amplify. As artists we have the ability to amplify the voices of change. Art inspires everyone from scientists and engineers to children and everyday citizens. Art enlighten lives. Art supports political movements and communicates complicated ideas in ways that a greater audience can understand. When art inspires, the world listens.

If we ever dare travel to the stars we will need to learn how to preserve our current planetary spaceship. Pursuing the ability to travel to Alpha Centauri, securing renewable energy, creating closed loop waste systems and sustainable agriculture practices... These are all facets of the preservation out planet and our species. We must propel our technological understanding and use new ideas and theories to solve current problems. The Space Whale is here to inspire just that. Imagine looking into the eyes of a a whale flying through the sky, covered in glass murals dedicated to physics and space, inviting you to dream big and explore. 

It is a colossal idea, and The Space Whale is just the start. From Burning Man in 2016, to Downtown Reno 2017, and beyond, to your city and to inspire people everywhere.

With Love,
The Pier Group